Discover versatile panel PCs with integrated power supply for room control, time logging, access control and management

Ready-to-connect digital door signs and panel PCs

Digital room signage, also called electronic door plates, are wall mounted panel PCs (display with control unit). Optionally they can be fitted with touch screen displays and other features such as RFID.

Many projects can be realised using commercial consumer tablets. If there is no need for regular content updates or if wiring of certain locations is not possible, then you might be able to use ePaper/eInk displays.

The following characteristics differentiate our digital room signage from consumer tablets:

  • Integrated power supply
  • Wall mount with theft protection
  • Vandalism protection
  • Color and design adjustable
  • Industrial strength components for permanent operation
  • LCD display with specific resolutions
  • Hardware selectable for Windows, Linux or Android operating system

High quality materials such as alloy and glass and the adaptability allow for integration of digital signage according to architectural specifications.

Features of eKiosk door plates

  • integrated 230V power supply (no separate power supply as with tablets for example)
  • theft protection integrated into wall mount
  • completely without fans (low noise, maintenance free)
  • flexible cable feed
  • Integrated PC / Android hardware
  • optional features such as Wlan, RFID, and others
  • low fire load – housing completely made of metal and glass

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12,1″/ 15,6″/ 19″/21,5″/24″

How do digital room signage work?

Many companies, hotels and convention centers use digital displays for conference and meeting rooms.

Through digital signage software, information (events, room occupancy etc) can be displayed and modified in real time. The information in the room booking system is submitted through an autonomous interface or is supplied via an interface to existing systems such as Exchange / Outlook, Lotus Notes etc.

Typical areas of application

  • LCD room displays
  • Access control
  • Time logging
  • Room bookings
  • Conference room signage
  • Classic digital signage display
  • Control units

Learn more about the advantages of using digital room signage

Reduce Confusion with Digital Room Signs

Our cloud-based software allows you to feed in live information directly from an already existing scheduling app such as Office 365, Crestron, Delphi or AMX. This way the information displayed on your digital room signs is the same information being viewed by employees, management and guests alike. Room signs will automatically update when a meeting has ended, so no more outdated signage! Guest will always know they are looking at accurate and relevant information.

View Availability and Book a Room

Digital room signs are built to increase efficiency and give your staff a break from managing multiple rooms. Guests can now check the availability of a room and even book a room using the digital room sign right at the door. Even push content right to the users phone to remind them they have the room booked on a certain date. This prevents “meeting room crashers” or interruptions during an important meeting. Digital room signs give your staff a break from micro-tasks that are involved with large facilities and allow them to do their jobs more effectively.

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