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RFID – Radio Frequency Identification for Work in Process (WiP) for Auto Assembler

Jan 2016 – Present

Project description (RFID Auto Assembler)Heading the project from prospecting to proof of concepts (POC), from sourcing to logistics and devising a cost effective method for successful completion where both client and provider work like a team, I was able to win the project.

After months of interactions involving testing of the equipment and related RFID infrastructure, have acquired the project of Radio Frequency Identification RFID from Indus Motor Company (Toyota) to enhance existing processes. This would help Toyota to boost productivity throughout the plant site as well as inventory of parts. The existing RFID model would also cover vehicle visibility till the dealership spread all over Pakistan.

By utilizing RFID readers from world renowned Trimble Inc. and ThingMagic of USA and high quality Tags from Omni ID, the project is being implemented. This is a breakthrough in Pakistan in terms of using RFID technology in harsh industrial environment where number of challenges pose significant problems.

Over 100 readers would be continuously scanning the processes spread on the plant side and dealership filtering and pushing data to the SAP Hana. Numerous audio visual triggers are being developed to enhance the workflow. There are various other solutions being proposes and under development phase where RFID is in center of very operation.  tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Active Tags
In active Tags systems, tags have their own transmitter and power source. Usually, the power source is a battery. Active tags broadcast their own signal to transmit the information stored on their microchips.
Passive Tags
In passive Tag systems, the reader and antenna send a radio signal to the tag. The RFID tag then uses the transmitted signal to power on, and reflect information back to the reader
Also known as sensors, interrogators or readers, a conduit between RFID tags and the coupler. Antennas connected to the reader emit power and data from and to the RFID tags

About RFID Solution

Sub Heading
Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency (RF) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, or person. RFID is coming into increasing use in industry as an alternative to the Bar Cod. The advantage of this system is that it does not require direct contact or line-of-sight
The link between RFID tags and the server/pc, the coupler can send information in two directions, it can read information from a tag and send it to the server/pc (in write mode)