Kontinental Establishment  believe that CSR is not an expense or charity. CSR is strategic, building long term relationships with neighboring communities and stakeholders. Relationships that are mutually beneficial enhance corporate reputation and respect for the Company’s business and products, and provide a sustainable competitive advantage.
As a good corporate citizenKontinental focuses on meeting the expectations of its internal and external stakeholders. It not only invests in its employees, makes efforts for Customer Satisfaction and operates ethically, but also undertakes a wide range of projects to benefit in areas of Education, Health, Vocational Training, Environment, Sports, Culture, Community Development, Road Safety, and Response to Natural Calamities.
Processing and handling hydrocarbons is our business and it comes with its share of hazards. Kontinental proactively identifies, minimizes and mitigates situations that have the potential to cause harm to the health and safety of its employees, customers, service providers, communities, public and the environment. The focus and diversity of technical, social and environmental projects of Kontinental speak for themselves.
Our CSR programs are an ongoing initiative in which new institutions are identified and existing ones are improved by providing basic infrastructure and other necessities that are beneficial for the surrounding communities. Communities are happy that PARCO is there for help when they need it most.
From producing environment friendly products to efficient, world class engineering facilities and infrastructure, building a highly competent human capital, and major social initiatives,Kontinental is doing its utmost in Providing Energy with Responsibility.

Life Time IT software & Hardware Services Support by Kontinental Establishment to Bait ul Sukoon.